Professional Painting Solutions & GC, LLC
We Make All Things New

Professional Painting Solutions & GC, LLC

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What We Do

Whether your residential or commercial or industrial space needs a face-lift, you can count on us! Professional Painting Solutions & GC, LLC offers cost-effective painting and home improvement services to clients in Berks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Request a free estimate today!



Keep your walls looking new with a fresh coat of paint. When you let us paint your interiors, you not only enhance the room’s visual appeal but also slow down the wear and tear process of the painted surfaces. 


Make your home stand out in your neighborhood or attract potential customers to your commercial property with newly painted exteriors. Our team of professional painters provides quality work to meet your expectations.

Home Improvement Services

If you are making changes to your current living or work space or doing a home flip we can help you. Our handymen are more than capable of completing the job. We have the skills in carpentry, framing, tile, Sheetrock, and more to complete almost any job. We have crews designed for this kind of need. Sheetrock, tile, flooring and framing are just a few of the things our carpentry crew can do and do a five star job. Give us a call to let us know how we can improve your home inside and out.