Professional Painting Solutions & GC, LLC
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Professional Painting Solutions & GC, LLC

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About Our Company

Professional Painting Solutions & GC, LLC is a licensed and insured painting, construction & remodeling company, serving clients in and around Berks County, Pennsylvania. Backed by years of experience, we provide high-quality workmanship and customer-oriented service. 

Our company is a minority women owned business. We have a select group of highly skilled painters and carpenters to take care of your residential and commercial needs. 

We started our business with 1 Guy, 300 dollars, a full tank of gas and a van that needed prayer to make it to destinations for work. We know hard times and we know what kind of commitment it takes to satisfy customers and weather the storms to be successful.  Our employees are from diverse backgrounds and they have very good skills in the trades. We hope to help you, if your reading this, as our main goal is not to get rich but to provide security for our employees in a trade they love doing. Giving to others is an important part of success and we stay committed to that principal. We feel best when provision is made for our employees families and community. Along with the smile of customers because a job was well done.